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Rajendra - Chennai

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Offline Data Entry Works Plan Details


Plan - 1

15 Days Plan

( 250 Pages )

Plan - 2

20 Days Plan

( 375 Pages )

Plan - 3

25 Days Plan

( 500 Pages )

Plan - 4

30 Days Plan

( 650 Pages )

Registration Fee

$50 USD

(2500 Indian Rupees )

$70 USD

( 3500 Indian Rupees )

$90 USD

( 4500 Indian Rupees )

$120 USD

( 6000 Indian Rupees )

No. Of Pages





Mistakes Allowed
Per Page





Job Duration
in Days





Job Contract


11 Month

11 Month

11 Month

11 Month

Amount in USD Currency Per Page as per the Plan & Accuracy*
Min. Accuracy Required 90% 90% 85% 85%
Amount Per Page $4 USD $4 USD $4 USD $4 USD
Total Amount
in USD
$1000 USD
[250 @ $4 USD]
$1500 USD
[375 @ $4 USD]
$2000 USD
[500 @ $4 USD]
$2600 USD
[650 @ $4 USD]

Important Notes Regarding Offline Data Entry Jobs.

(1) Kindly refer the Data Entry Actual Job Chart for complete Details of all the Plans.

(2) PLANS:- We are offering you 4 different plans of work, you can select as per your capability.

(3) REGISTRATION FEES:- To Join any of the 4 plans in the starting you have to pay the administrative fees as mentioned in the chart. The registration fees you pay is for 12 months contract period & is totally NON REFUNDABLE.

(4) TOTAL NO. OF WORK ALLOTTED:- As per the plan you select you'll be getting the work in the form of image files of text which you have to convert in .doc format by typing in Ms-word.

(5) PAYMENT AS PER ACCURACY:- You’ll be getting monthly payment only if you achieve the minimum accuracy as required in every plans (Refer chart).

(6) HOW THE ACCURACY IS CALCULATED:- Here per image file you are allowed to make at the most 5 mistakes. If you make more than 5 mistakes in any single image file than that page will be disqualified. Accuracy is calculated as follows:-

Formula : Total Image files - Total Disqualified image files x 100 = Accuracy %age
Total Image files

1 Image file = 1 Page. We are very strict about accuracy & last date of work submission. Even if you get an accuracy of 96.9% than also your work will be disqualified & no further work. So do the work with full concentration to get 97%. If work is not done in time NO excuses will be considered. So every month you have to maintain an accuracy of 97% continuously for 12 months to get the next months work.


GIS takes every effort in making payment in time. To make payment faster, we opened our direct office in London. Our office in London makes transactions smoother than before. We also have now Fund transfer to customers accounts, PayPal money transfer, Western Union money transfer, Demand Draft, Money Order & many more. We have our customer Executives in London for you to have direct conversation regarding payment.



Payments are made only to successful customers. It depends on which plan you took and when you have submitted the work. For any of the 4 plans, after work submission we take normally a maximum of 10 days to make payment. For example if you had taken plan 2 of 20 days, so whenever you submit the work on or before the last date of work submission from that day you have to count 10 days. Within 5 days you will get to know whether you achieved the minimum accuracy of 97% or not & also whether any payment is generated or not.  In case if you have achieved an accuracy of 97%, than on the 6th day of work submission you will get the next work and on or before the 10th day you will get the payment.


As per the policy of different banks, we're not allowed to post the copies of Cheques issued to customers. Placing scan copies of Cheques results in copying of images, malfunctioning and other scamming  on internet. Previously we displayed cheques of customers on our site, but as per the bank instructions we are not allowed for the same, hence its all been removed from our site. But soon we will be placing copies of international customers Cheques.